Welcome to The Futurista!

We like the feeling that the art and fashion worlds are increasingly growing nearer. It is  an obvious statement that in many cases they  overlap and there is a clear influence of high art in high fashion and viceversa. This site showcases  and promotes those junctions between Contemporary Art and Fashion, where fashion produces designed and structural bodies and where art  places anatomies and identities into question through artworks featuring the semblances of clothing and innovative perceptions of beauty and human form.

The Futurista  promotes sharing ideals and values which are manifested in the  non conformist lifestyle. Propelled by the visions of those with a cutting-edge aesthetic perception, this is a journey  where individuals treat clothes not simply as decorative masterpieces but they  are set to express feelings, ideas and emotions like all works of art.

We  believe that part of being a modern artist is about moving happily between genres, therefore by adding sections like Music, Costume and Performance Art, The Futurista brings together artists whose creations leave behind the realm of the expected  and produce , influence and get influenced by the forward thinking minds of those at the forefront of fashion.

Our aim is to Inspire our readers and together foment  and cultivate a passion for fashion through the admiration and recognition of those that through their incredible Visions and Imaginative brains leave a lasting legacy for humanity to cherish.

The Futurista